The Art of Sarcasm


So they say you’re sarcastic, huh? Do people get offended by certain (brilliant) comments you make? Have you ever been viewed as rude? If so, don’t fret. You’re not alone. The art of sarcasm is a difficult topic to discuss, mostly because not everyone is graced with such a saucy personality. It’s something you’re born with, and not all people can fluidly respond with sarcasm rolling off their tongue like a whip. But you can. Congratulations.

As someone who has been described as “aggressively sarcastic” I can tell you firsthand that although I think I’m hilarious, (and rightfully so) not everyone agrees. In fact, being overly sarcastic has caused people to classify me as “mean” and even “judgmental.” However, what most of these silly-sallys don’t understand is that overly sarcastic people are not serious in the comments they make, in fact, they don’t take most things seriously at all.

Sarcastic people enjoy playful banter. We like being able to exercise our brains in such a way as to underline the irony in our current situation and address it subtly. We enjoy self-deprecating humor and don’t mind making fun of ourselves. Due to our own insensitivity, we sometimes forgot that yes, other people do have feelings!

A sarcastic person will often turn their caustic tongue on others, forgetting that they may view this as an attack rather than a joke. I am guilty of this daily, and I normally don’t even know when I’ve offended someone (oops). Although my close friends have learned to love and expect these mockeries from me, being sarcastic definitely has its ups and downs. Since other people realize you have this trait, it’s hard for them to take what you say seriously.

The other day I was listening to a young man discuss a class he was very intrigued about. He went on an on about the topic in depth, and his excitement was contagious. I sat and listened, nodding occasionally and smiling like the sugary-warm person I’ve trained myself to be in situations like these. At the end of his monologue I said, “Wow. That’s super interesting,” and he instantly replied with, “Oh my gosh. That was the most sarcastic thing I’ve ever heard!” Ironically, I was actually being genuine. But of course, no one knows that sarcastic people can achieve this level of emotional depth because clearly, we don’t have souls.

On the other hand, being sarcastic can also have awesome perks. People always come to you when they are looking for a good laugh, and you truly do know how to cheer someone up. You have a reputation for telling it like it is and for using dry humor to make even the most mundane occurrences satirically comical. And the best part? If some brave soul decides to join in on your fun by taking a jab at you, they know you won’t be offended in the slightest. And how could you be? It’s not like you blame them for making fun of you, because we both know you’re just dying to do the same to them.

PS: If you enjoy dry-humor as much as I do, you’ll love these shows on Netflix:

The Office | Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Workaholics | Bob’s Burgers

See you soon,


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Keep Your Rep Up!


When you think of Facebook, what comes to mind? Friends? Family? Entertainment? Photos? Well, for most people, networking is probably not something that comes to mind.

When Facebook was first released, it was created as a social media platform for college students to communicate with each other. You actually needed a college email to create an account. As time has progressed, that changed. People of all ages utilize Facebook for various reasons, but what most people don’t realize is that employers are looking at your profiles and your online activity.

Yes, I know. You can make it private. I know you can change the settings and no one can see what you post except your friends list. But what happens when you share a vulgar video? Someone else shares it and then someone else and so on. Well guess what? Your name is still attached to the original share and all kinds of people from all over the world are seeing this video. Maybe you didn’t create it, but your name is still attached to it.

Have you ever thought about the pictures that you post or even the picture that your friends post of you? If you have pictures posted of you dancing on a coffee table at a party or funneling beers, then you may want to reconsider a few things.

If you haven’t already, just Google your name. Because I guarantee employers will do it. You may be surprised at what you may find.

Social media has become such a large part of our daily lives that in the workplace, people are generally professional, but employers are wanting to tap in so they can see who you really are.

The world we live in today revolves around social media so it is important to build your professional brand along with your personal brand online. Think about the things that you post. How do you think others see you? Is this the image you want to create for yourself? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.

Building your brand online is not something that happens over night. It may require some self-development as to who you want to be and what you need to get there. Your online behavior is a representation of who you are. This is how others perceive you

Just remember this is your future. There are endless possibilities that could occur. What happens if you need a job in the future? You never know who knows who. Sometimes, networking is half the battle of landing a good job. Even if you already have a job, who’s to say there won’t be a company layoff in the year?

One of your friends on your Facebook may have the connection you need to get an interview somewhere.

Think twice about what you post.

See you soon,


PS: Here is a link to the Facebook privacy page:

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As Told By a Third-Wheel


I am a third-wheel. This sentence has become a common sequence of vowel and consonant sounds exiting my mouth, and it rolls off the tongue with an ease like my own name. Third-wheeling has become a sort of a hobby of mine; from formal dances to casual hangouts, I often find myself the loner of the group, standing alone in a crowd.

Don’t misunderstand me: I love being a third-wheel. You see, I spent a great deal of time on the other side of the equation while in high school, spending most of my time watching my friends be the third wheel to my own childish romances. But now, as I continue through the adventure of college life, I find myself riding the third-wheel train frequently. Just recently I joined a friend and her boyfriend for an adventurous night of the third-wheeler life, and I asked myself something. How many of us truly see the beauty of third-wheeling, and how many of us believe the lie that it is the worst feeling in the world? So many memes are dedicated to the sadness associated with not having a lover by your side. But can’t we recognize third-wheeling for the beauty it holds?

And yeah, it might be nice to have someone to share that with as well, but why ignore the moment you’re in just to imagine a different moment better saved for later? There will be plenty of time in the future to enjoy the presence of someone you love, so take the time to enjoy the now. Take pictures of your goofy friends ignoring you while sharing an ice cream sundae or wrestling on the living room floor. Trust me, they’ll love the captured moment when you show it to them later.

And don’t go scrolling through Facebook or Twitter just because it seems you have nothing better to do. If witnessing the magnificence of true love begins to bore you, take a look around your environment. Check out some wicked architecture, listen to the music playing above your head, count the amount of kids you see tugging on mom’s jeans. There is so much happening all around you, and this is your time to enjoy it. And who knows, maybe the person who will bring you out of the third-wheel zone will be sitting across from you at a bar, laughing at their own dorky friends wishing the same things you do. So take a moment to enjoy the life of a third-wheeler, because it won’t last forever.

See you soon,


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To Disclose, or Not to Disclose

advertisingSocial media personalities who have Tweeted, Instagrammed, and Snapped their way to stardom have no doubt caught the attention of businesses large and small. Much like how professional athletes and other celebrities are paid to endorse products, businesses and retailers have increasingly turned to recognized social media personalities to recommend their products. Although social media influencers can get paid significant sums of money for product placement and rave reviews, sometimes the relationship with the company is not readily apparent to the public. Where the endorsement is not based on genuine user experience, this can have a misleading and negative impact on consumers.

Disclosing the connection is important to the truth about the advertisement or endorsement. The basic premise behind the truth-in-advertising principle is that all advertising, including endorsements, whether direct or indirect, should be honest and not mislead the public.

There are some influencers who may post about a certain product and simply review and recommend the product with no connection to the marketers of those products. However, influencers who are compensated, or receive the product or other benefits from the marketer for the sole purpose of providing a recommendation may be deceiving their audience where the connection is not disclosed.

Legal reviewers of advertising and promotional materials should be aware of a company’s use of influencers and ensure proper disclosures are used. While there is no special wording required for the disclosure, an effective statement should be clear and should give the audience the essential information and the nature of the relationship. For example, if the influencer received the product for free, the disclosure could simply read, “Company X sent me this product to try…” If the influencer was paid for the endorsement, say so. If the endorsement is a video post, ensure the disclosure is clear and prominent in the video itself, and not merely in the text of the description.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published “The FTC’s Endorsement Guides – What People Are Asking” in May 2015 to provide guidance on how to disclose connections between brands and their endorsers to consumers and provides over 35 examples of various endorsement scenarios. This is a very useful tool for common-folk like you and I to refer to when unsure about an influencer and/or company!

I hope this tidbit of information was useful to those of you who are curious about how influencers and companies work together to advertise products and make a living doing so!

See you soon,


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What is Beauty?

sm-womenPicture Credit:

The Oxford dictionary defines beauty as, “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight” or “a beautiful or pleasing thing or person, in particular”. If we would use this definition to define a woman or young girl’s beauty, what are we really saying? It seems like we’re saying that in order to be beautiful, you have to look beautiful. This definition also implies that in order to look beautiful, you have to be “pleasing to the eye”. So let me ask you this, who are we to say that someone is not beautiful? Also, who are we to label beauty as something that we find visually satisfying?

For generations our perception of beauty has been based on what we see on television and social media. We forget that beauty means more than just “looking good”. Beauty can be found on the inside as well. The most beautiful people are the ones that express kindness, joy, and love. They are everyday women taking care of their children, working long hours, and accomplishing the impossible. They are not models, celebrities, or luxurious housewives. They are women who are often forgotten, yet they possess stunning internal beauty. Shape, color, appearance, or clothing, has little to do with true beauty. True beauty comes from within, and it does not have a single definition.

The perfect person does not exist, yet television and social media has created the perfect person that everyone wants to look like. It is the woman with the perfect body, the perfect hair, and the perfect facial features. I can admit that I’ve been at fault for thinking that too. However, when did we become experts in perfection? Beauty is confidence, beauty is strength, beauty is kindness, and beauty is what is on the inside. Beauty has no definition and it is not perfection. Everyday we are being told what beauty is from people who only look at one thing; appearance. We are not being seen, because seeing someone and looking at someone are very different concepts. You are looking at me because you choose to look at my surface. You see me whenever you get to know me. So I challenge a lot of you to SEE the women around you. We are all beautiful, and no one has the right to tell us differently.

That’s all for today! I’ll be back next week for another round of blogs.

See you soon,



Hi, I’m Hannah

blogselfieMy name is Hannah Marie Jett – You can call me Han. For my social media class I was told I needed to introduce myself through a blog, as well as keep it up throughout the semester. I have never had an easy time coming up with things to say about myself in length, nor have I ever really needed to. So this may be a little difficult, bear with me!

I am a 22-year old female and a Senior communications major graduating in August from the University of Louisville (Louisville, KY). I was born and raised in Louisville and I am a die-hard Cards fan! I am also a witty girl with a sense of humor and a touch of sarcasm that can get me into, or out of, a sticky situation. I am a lover of all things; including, but not limited to: music, fashion, makeup and binge watching Netflix or Youtube – whichever I am in the mood for that day. I thoroughly enjoy people watching and being surrounded by those who mean the most to me while doing it. I strive to make each day count and to ensure that I am putting my best foot forward – That is, after I have my cup of coffee.

That is just a little insight as to who I am and what makes me, me. Throughout the semester I will be writing about not only things that pertain to social media, but about topics that interest me, inspire me, and that even I can learn from. I have high hopes that I will touch the lives of others by this blog and to peak interests, inspire souls, and educate those with a willing to learn!

May this semester start with a BANG!

Till next time,


PS: I have attached my Spotify playlist if you would like to take a listen, I have a wide variety of music on there!


OITNB is Back!


My inner OITNB fan girl internally screamed when Netflix released the latest trailer for season four of “Orange Is The New Black.” For those of you who have not yet binged OITNB, the story for the show is based off Piper Kerman’s 2011 memoir, “Orange Is The New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.”

OITNB is anything and everything. According to, the show centers around Piper Chapman, a thirty-something who is sentenced to 15 months in a prison after she’s convicted of a decade-old crime where she transported money for her drug-dealing girlfriend. Essentially the show in a nutshell is badass.

For my fellow OITNB binge-watchers, let’s recap what happened last season:

1. Bennett went MIA

Bennett and Daya were happy and about to have a baby when poof! Bennett went bye-bye after spending time with his beloved Daya’s crazy family. I know I was really rooting for Bennett and Daya to fall happily ever after. Damn you Bennett!

2. Nicky gets ahold of Vee’s stash

Nicky gets ahold of Vee’s heroin stash at the end of season two. With Nicky being a recovering addict, she decided she had to get the drugs out herself. She enlists corrections officer Luscheck, who ultimately throws her under the bus. (Bastard.)

3. Piper enlists the women of Litchfield to sell underwear to pervy old guys

Piper was assigned to making underwear for the Whispers lingerie company. She would gather unused material to make her own underwear and have the lovely women of Litchfield wear them around and then sell them online to creeps. (Ew.)

4. Black Cindy converts

After the prison food is replaced with mush, Black Cindy learns that if inmates are Jewish they can receive kosher meals. Black Cindy makes it her mission to convert to Judaism and actually “finds her people.”

5. Alex is back

That’s right. Pipers boo thang is back in Litchfield. Alex immediately believes someone is out to get her. At the end of season three she is cornered by one of the drug cartel members which makes us all feel a little on edge.

Now that we’re pretty much up to speed on what happened in season three of OITNB, what do we have to look forward to in season four? Well, you can imagine there will be more drama, romance, friendships and backstabbing.

The official trailer for season four teases us viewers that Piper doesn’t feel safe in Litchfield, Taystee now has a desk job as Mr. Caputo’s assistant, there will be new prisoners and there will be secrets, lies and deceit that will unfold this season when the ladies of Litchfield return June 17 on Netflix.

A ‘Grey’ Thursday? We’ll See.


For Grey’s Anatomy fans everywhere, it’s a big day. The season 12 finale premieres tonight. After experiencing emotional trauma that even Owen Hunt couldn’t salvage, we know to brace ourselves when a season comes to a close. With that in mind, here are a few hopes shared by Grey’s fanatics for this upcoming TGIT. Listen up Shonda Rhimes:


1. Cristina Returns

The landmark character loss that eternally changed the course of the show was Cristina’s departure. Meredith is struggling without her person. She needs Cristina there to give her pep talks, talk some sense into her decision making, and most importantly bring back the dance parties with tequila.


2. Arizona and Callie Get Back Together

Second to Mer-Der, these two were the ultimate power couple up until Shonda shattered our last hope at finding love. In the finale, fingers are crossed that these two realize how absurd this custody battle is, forgive each other, get remarried, and live happily ever after (until the next earth shattering tragedy at Grey Sloan Memorial).


3. Jo Says “JK!”

Last week, after Alex’s third proposal to long term girlfriend Jo, she gave him an answer, but it was the wrong one. Alex has been through almost as much emotional turbulence as Callie (which is a whole lot) and deserves a happy, lasting relationship. Jo needs to snap out of this BS and accept the proposal. If not, she probably has some terrible mental illness that inhibits her from seeing how sexy/caring/doctory Alex is.


4. April and Jackson Find Peace

I don’t care what form this comes in, but I can’t stand to watch them go through any more pain together. Remarry, raise the kid together, or never speak again, but please no more ups and downs. Although, I wouldn’t mind if they did decide to get back together, after all she did leave a guy at the alter for Jackson and that shouldn’t go to waste.


5. Meredith Wakes Up

I know Derek’s dead and we can’t really bring him back as that would defy the whole “science and medicine” thing. BUT, he can’t just lay in the ground and let Meredith go get it on with the next hot Doc in town. She needs to wake up, next to Derek, and shake off the bad dream that has been the last two years. PLEASE, SHONDA!

There’s No Place Like Home


Let me preface this article by saying I am not a hermit. I love spending time with my friends, going to the park, shopping at Kroger, etc. But anyone who knows me is well aware that my favorite place is my bed, wearing pajamas and fuzzy socks, with a mug of coffee. While some might say acting like an 80-year-old when you’re a college student is “lame,” being a homebody definitely has its perks. Here are a few reasons why.

Let’s Get Moving


Classes are finally out (for some), all stress is gone, and being able to sleep in and not have a care in the world is the absolute best feeling. Summer break is only a few months long, and the time always flies by. I usually create a fun bucket list for the summer to ensure I make time for adventures.

Here are 20 things I plan to do, and everyone should try to do before summer is over:

Go to the Aquarium:

Getting to see all the different types of fish, sharks and all sorts of things there is definitely worth the trip and money.

Go to the Zoo:

Seeing all sorts of animals in their semi natural habit is a fun and eye opening opportunity, and a super fun trip for the summertime.

Go to a Baseball Game:

Doesn’t really have to be a baseball game, but get out and go somewhere to watch a sporting event! They’re always fun and entertaining. (Plus the food is always delicious – and bad for you)

Go Fishing:

Getting to go to a pond or river to try and catch some fish is rather relaxing and can be a fun trip with friends. Wear sunscreen, trust me.

Go to the Beach (or Lake):

Beach trips are essential for any summer break. Getting away from home, staying in a house or hotel and being able to relax for a week or so is so nice. Being able to hear the waves crash on the shore and lay in the sand is one of the best feelings

Eat lots of Seafood:

One of my favorite things about the summertime is being able to eat seafood, especially Rockefeller Oysters!

Sleep Under the Stars:

This doesn’t cost anything! Grab a friend, a few sleeping bags and enjoy nature for a night! Watch for unsuspecting animals though.

Go to an Amusement Park:

Going to any amusement park during summer break is always a must. Getting on as many rides as possible and getting you or your friends out of y’alls comfort zones is one of the biggest perks of going!

Go on a Picnic:

Pack a lunch, go to a park or a fun place and eat with some of your friends while enjoying time outdoors. Take your pets! They will love it just as much as you!

Go Kayaking:

This is really fun, and something a lot of people have never done. Head out to a near by lake and start your adventure.

Have a Bonfire:

The real reason to have a campfire is so you can roast marshmallows and make as many s’mores as possible.

Try every DQ Blizzard flavor:

What challenge could be better than trying to eat as many DQ blizzards as possible? I can’t think of anything.

Go to Church:

This is a free activity that just helps me personally feel good.

Get out and Run:

Maybe try for a 5k or just simple run here and there.

Go Biking:

As long as you have a bike, this is a great way to get some exercise at the same time as having a blast. Being able to bike somewhere that has different sightseeing opportunities is an amazing experience.


This a cheaper, fun activity to do to get out of the house and have some fun.

Help a Stranger:

Giving back and helping someone else is really rewarding not only for yourself but it benefits that stranger tremendously.

Go Hiking:

This is a cheap way to have an adventure and be able to experience the awesomeness of nature at the same time.

Learn Something New:

Whether it be learning how to play an instrument or a video game, expand your mind and see what you can accomplish!

Grow as a Person:

I think this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself this summer. Take time out to really discover who you are and what you want out of life. This will help you grow and start to figure out your future!