Funny Thing About Instincts..


..they’re always right

For a long time I thought being able to read people and pick up on their vibes early on was a curse, but the older I’ve gotten, I have learned it is one of my biggest blessings. When it comes to making new friends, surrounding myself with a new crowd, or meeting a new guy, I know almost right away which ones are good for me and which ones I should let walk right out of my life. Maybe it is a gut feeling and my strong intuition, but whenever I try to convince myself that these negative feelings will fade and maybe they deserve the benefit of the doubt, I am utterly disappointed because my intuition should always be trusted.

I’m rather lucky because I have a small crowd I surround myself with since I choose to have people in my life who are genuine and loving and caring. I only surround myself with people who are real to their core and have a soft light in them; the people I love are absolutely amazing and I choose to have quality relationships instead of an overabundance of friendships that are mediocre at best and forced.

I know who I am, and I continue to grow with each experience, but with those lessons, I am getting even better at picking up on people’s essences right away. I don’t consider it judging a book by it’s cover, but someone’s energy is undeniable. It either meshes with yours or it doesn’t, and life is too short to force something that isn’t there. It’s also too short to run from something that feels right.

Trust your gut, even if it’s not exactly what your mind or heart wants. It’ll most likely end with some sort of heartbreak if your core is telling you to RUN. For so long, I knew something was wrong–that this feeling was not going to go away. The questioning was going to stay because my intuition begged me to let them go and I needed to value myself and only let solid and loyal people in my life.

This could always go another way, so let me say it again, trust your own intuition– don’t let other people’s thoughts or rumors about someone, influence you. You should let your gut, heart, and mind come up with it’s own opinion based on your interactions and the way you feel around them. Don’t belittle what your feeling because it isn’t what everyone else would want for you; it’s your life and who you let in it is always your choice. So let people in who are going to lift you up just a little bit higher and who will ensure your happiness.

See you soon,


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To Coffee: A Love Letter


Dear beautiful,

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing my feelings for you. There truly are not enough words in the English language. You make me feel like no other; you give me warmth, you give me life, and you wake up my tired eyes each morning. Your kiss is the driving factor behind getting out of bed.

If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I would be. My personality would be bitter, my mood would be sour, and my sarcasm would be ruthless. Without you, my days would be long and my breaks would be a bore. Without you, not a soul would dare speak to me or even look my way. You bring out the better side of me; you are my better half.

My favorite moments in life are the simple ones. My favorite moments in life are with you. The endless mornings spent hanging around the kitchen counter, waiting for you to be perfectly brewed. The number of mornings spent looking out the window, enjoying each and every sunrise with you. I cannot think of a single better way to start my day.

The winters are a special time for us; a time of true bonding. There is nothing I crave more than your warm embrace; to hold a warm cup on a cold winter’s day. There’s nothing quite like staring into your beautiful, dark abyss. There’s nothing quite like seeing the steam ripple off into the air. There’s something to be said about a steaming cup of coffee on a bitterly cold day. With each degree lower, my love for you rises.

You always surprise me; switching up your blends. Each day brings a new taste, be it Sumatran, Colombian or an Italian roast. You keep me on my feet. Will today be a french press day? A pour over day? Whatever it be, you always come looking your best. If you looked up the word “dashing,” you’d find a spitting image of you.

I can remember our first embrace like it was yesterday. I was only 15 years old and admired the inherent look of sophistication you provided. You gave me exactly what I needed–a way to grow up as fast as possible. A way to blend in with the adults sipping their drinks. A way to be the person I wanted to be.

With all that you do for me, I spend hours thinking of what I could do for you. But, there is simply no way to repay you for all of the selflessness you show me. I am forever indebted to you. You bring me everything I could possibly need to get through the mornings, and most importantly, you make life bearable.



This was way too fun to write! See you soon.

As Told By a Third-Wheel


I am a third-wheel. This sentence has become a common sequence of vowel and consonant sounds exiting my mouth, and it rolls off the tongue with an ease like my own name. Third-wheeling has become a sort of a hobby of mine; from formal dances to casual hangouts, I often find myself the loner of the group, standing alone in a crowd.

Don’t misunderstand me: I love being a third-wheel. You see, I spent a great deal of time on the other side of the equation while in high school, spending most of my time watching my friends be the third wheel to my own childish romances. But now, as I continue through the adventure of college life, I find myself riding the third-wheel train frequently. Just recently I joined a friend and her boyfriend for an adventurous night of the third-wheeler life, and I asked myself something. How many of us truly see the beauty of third-wheeling, and how many of us believe the lie that it is the worst feeling in the world? So many memes are dedicated to the sadness associated with not having a lover by your side. But can’t we recognize third-wheeling for the beauty it holds?

And yeah, it might be nice to have someone to share that with as well, but why ignore the moment you’re in just to imagine a different moment better saved for later? There will be plenty of time in the future to enjoy the presence of someone you love, so take the time to enjoy the now. Take pictures of your goofy friends ignoring you while sharing an ice cream sundae or wrestling on the living room floor. Trust me, they’ll love the captured moment when you show it to them later.

And don’t go scrolling through Facebook or Twitter just because it seems you have nothing better to do. If witnessing the magnificence of true love begins to bore you, take a look around your environment. Check out some wicked architecture, listen to the music playing above your head, count the amount of kids you see tugging on mom’s jeans. There is so much happening all around you, and this is your time to enjoy it. And who knows, maybe the person who will bring you out of the third-wheel zone will be sitting across from you at a bar, laughing at their own dorky friends wishing the same things you do. So take a moment to enjoy the life of a third-wheeler, because it won’t last forever.

See you soon,


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