#Freberg17..It’s a ‘See You Later’


The time has finally (unfortunately) come to compose my last blog post for #Freberg17. Woah. Where has this semester gone?

This semester has been a whirlwind to say the least. I have grown as a student under Dr. Freberg’s wing. Comm 333 has taught me SO much and has undoubtedly solidified the direction in which I want my future to go. I have had numerous sleepless nights and countless days that have lasted an eternity in order to put my best work forward for this class. In meeting with Dr. Freberg in her office on the first day of the semester in January to gain approval to be included in this class, I immediately knew that this would be a course that I would be so passionate about.

This class is so imperative for students who are looking to work hard and get their hands dirty with a ‘real world’ client experience. You get to work side by side with a client looking for students to takeover their social media for a day and gain insights to everything that goes into running the big show. As a student in this class you will also be able to add onto your resume credentials by becoming certified on Hootsuite! FOR FREE! This is a great opportunity to one-up other applicants looking for the same jobs as you post-grad.

Dr. Freberg exudes so much enthusiasm, passion, and all around joy when teaching her students. Take it from me, I’ve had the pleasure of being her pupil three times now ;). Because of this, all of her classes – especially comm 333, are exciting, engaging, and I look forward to learning from her every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning!

All in all, Dr. Freberg’s social media course has been my favorite, and most rewarding class I have ever taken at the University of Louisville. I could not be more thankful to have had a professor as truly caring and wonderful as Dr. Freberg. Her unwavering support for her students and her devotion to their success outside of the classroom is awe inspiring and she should be looked up to by her colleagues. She has patiently helped me get through one of the toughest semesters I have ever had and my gratitude can not be expressed in a blog post.

So, thank you Dr. Freberg, #Freberg17, and all of my readers for showing me love this semester and interacting with me on Twitter. Because of you all, this class was so fulfilling.

It’s not a ‘goodbye’, it’s a ‘see you later’.

See you soon,


PS: Huge shoutout to Dr. Karen Freberg for getting her tenure at the University of Louisville. I can not think of a more deserving professor! Congratulations!!


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