Practice Makes Perfect


At the end of the day, all we really have are the relationships that we’ve established.

Whenever people hear the phrase “networking,” fears of socialization with high executives who control the future run rampant. And who can blame them… For many, social interaction in that setting can be incredibly difficult as it is, and with such opportunities relying upon making a good first impression, nerves are more than likely going to hinder already weak social skills.

“Practice makes perfect” has surely been etched into our heads since childhood, and yet many of us continue to not follow that same advice. The biggest trick to improving one’s skills are, as previously mentioned, practice practice practice. And how does somebody practice social skills?

One cannot be afraid to throw themselves to the sharks if they wish to grow. Yes, it may seem intimidating, and yes, it may cause all sorts of panic or other panic-induced issues. But at the end of the day, practice makes perfect, and the more you throw yourself to the sharks, the less you’ll be affected by the situation.

And what about the specifics of networking? The handshakes, the eye contact, the conversations which help tout your strengths to convince people what you’re made of? ONCE AGAIN, it’s all about throwing yourself into the fire and hoping for the best. Nobody ever expects an archetypal person to come up and woo them without flaw, and as soon as that fact becomes established, then that is when the key to success is truly achieved.

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