Funny Thing About Instincts..


..they’re always right

For a long time I thought being able to read people and pick up on their vibes early on was a curse, but the older I’ve gotten, I have learned it is one of my biggest blessings. When it comes to making new friends, surrounding myself with a new crowd, or meeting a new guy, I know almost right away which ones are good for me and which ones I should let walk right out of my life. Maybe it is a gut feeling and my strong intuition, but whenever I try to convince myself that these negative feelings will fade and maybe they deserve the benefit of the doubt, I am utterly disappointed because my intuition should always be trusted.

I’m rather lucky because I have a small crowd I surround myself with since I choose to have people in my life who are genuine and loving and caring. I only surround myself with people who are real to their core and have a soft light in them; the people I love are absolutely amazing and I choose to have quality relationships instead of an overabundance of friendships that are mediocre at best and forced.

I know who I am, and I continue to grow with each experience, but with those lessons, I am getting even better at picking up on people’s essences right away. I don’t consider it judging a book by it’s cover, but someone’s energy is undeniable. It either meshes with yours or it doesn’t, and life is too short to force something that isn’t there. It’s also too short to run from something that feels right.

Trust your gut, even if it’s not exactly what your mind or heart wants. It’ll most likely end with some sort of heartbreak if your core is telling you to RUN. For so long, I knew something was wrong–that this feeling was not going to go away. The questioning was going to stay because my intuition begged me to let them go and I needed to value myself and only let solid and loyal people in my life.

This could always go another way, so let me say it again, trust your own intuition– don’t let other people’s thoughts or rumors about someone, influence you. You should let your gut, heart, and mind come up with it’s own opinion based on your interactions and the way you feel around them. Don’t belittle what your feeling because it isn’t what everyone else would want for you; it’s your life and who you let in it is always your choice. So let people in who are going to lift you up just a little bit higher and who will ensure your happiness.

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Click on Me!


Greetings, reader. This is clickbait. Thanks for clicking. I really appreciate it, and so do the advertising companies. I do, because I like feeling heard, and when you read my articles, that’s how you make me feel. Thanks for that. The advertising companies do because your click is worth way more than you think it is.

Soon, an ad will appear in the middle of this article, interrupting your reading and breaking your focus. Or maybe it just did. This has probably happened to you more than once if you’ve ever read any kind of article on the internet before. Odds are, it hasn’t been the same ad. But it’s probably always been something that kind of has to do with your life. For me, this happens all the time, probably because I read a lot of articles on my phone. I am constantly having to close popup windows and ignore flashing billboards in the margins of the article I’m reading about the wastefulness of capitalism.

This is the world in which we live, but the thing I find most confusing is that the ad which is shown to me most often is an ad for the college which I already attend. People I know personally jump onto my computer screen, trying to get me to come to a school I live at right now. To me, this seems like a waste of an advertisement. Isn’t the whole point to try and attract people who don’t already have what you’re promoting?

The idea of advertising something is to spread the word to people who may be interested in the product, service, or idea you are marketing. With the creation of the internet, the world of advertising exploded. Suddenly there was never before seen access to consumers all across the globe, from all age groups, ethnicities, and walks of life. But how does a company ensure that its products or services are being seen by the right people? The answer is cookies. Cookies are small bits of data gathered by some websites which contain information on every person who visits them. They are sent to advertising agencies, which use them to promote products they think each individual would be interested in based on their internet browsing patterns. Because of cookies, my frequent visits to the website of my own college ensures that 70% of the ads I see are for that college. This happens with purchasing patterns on Amazon, videos watched on Youtube, and countless other websites.

Companies get paid based on how many people click on their ad, so it is very important that they target the right people, those most likely to click. The websites on which the ads appear get paid to put the ads on the page being viewed. Therefore, it is a phenomenal success for several parties when you click on literally anything on the internet. Everything is clickbait. This article is clickbait. Be mindful where you click, because it could come back to haunt you.

PS: When you browse the internet, there are thousands of unseen tracking technologies that connect you and your browsing data to companies across the world so that they can target you with ads and communications, analyze your browsing behavior, and integrate their own third-party web technologies. These trackers slow down page load time as they transmit and download data, increase clutter on websites with ads and pop-ups, and put your information at risk as they share your browsing behavior with other companies. is an enlightening Google Chrome extension tool! Ghostery offers a free browser extension that makes browsing the internet cleaner, faster, and safer. This tool detects and blocks tracking technologies on the websites you visit to speed up page loads, eliminate clutter, and protect your data and privacy. It also keeps you informed on what companies are tracking you and gives you the tools you need to determine what to block and when!

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Come Alive in the Nighttime


I’ve been a “night owl” my whole life. What does this mean? It means I perform better at night, and would rather stay up late doing work than wake up early. In college, the night owl route is a popular one, but many adults would argue that the real world doesn’t look kindly upon those of us that like to stay up late. Here’s an argument in favor of all you night owls.

First of all, just because someone works better at night doesn’t mean that they are unable to wake up early. I still like to get up at a decent time every day and get work done. I would much rather sleep at 2 and wake up at 8 or 9 than sleep at 11 and wake up at 6, though. Going to bed late and getting up early aren’t mutually exclusive.

Second, night owls will usually stay up late until a project is done. I won’t go to bed sometimes until I’ve finished an assignment, whereas some people I know will convince themselves that they’ll get up early in the morning and work on an assignment and will then forget, sleep in, or run out of time. I theoretically have endless hours of the night to get my work done!

Third, nighttime is a very peaceful time to get work done. The world is mostly asleep, and there’s a serene sort of feeling in working alone when it’s dark. I always think my best when I’m in a quiet place and I’ve had time all day to think and process what’s going on around me. In the mornings, I haven’t had time to wake up or really do anything, so it’s hard to get my brain moving amidst the hustle and bustle of a new day.

How, you might ask, do night owls stay up so late? I don’t prefer drinking coffee at night so my go-to strategy is turning up the brightness on my computer until my eyes are shocked into staying open. I wish I were kidding. Normally, though, night owls thrive on caffeine and will often sleep in to accommodate staying up.

Even though morning people are admirable, being a night owl has its perks. Need someone to talk to you late at night when you’re lying in bed thinking about the world’s problems? We’re awake! Interested in seeing all the bunnies and other creatures that are nocturnal? We are awake to see them! Like going on late night food runs? We believe in midnight snacks! There’s a good side to everything, right?

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Practice Makes Perfect


At the end of the day, all we really have are the relationships that we’ve established.

Whenever people hear the phrase “networking,” fears of socialization with high executives who control the future run rampant. And who can blame them… For many, social interaction in that setting can be incredibly difficult as it is, and with such opportunities relying upon making a good first impression, nerves are more than likely going to hinder already weak social skills.

“Practice makes perfect” has surely been etched into our heads since childhood, and yet many of us continue to not follow that same advice. The biggest trick to improving one’s skills are, as previously mentioned, practice practice practice. And how does somebody practice social skills?

One cannot be afraid to throw themselves to the sharks if they wish to grow. Yes, it may seem intimidating, and yes, it may cause all sorts of panic or other panic-induced issues. But at the end of the day, practice makes perfect, and the more you throw yourself to the sharks, the less you’ll be affected by the situation.

And what about the specifics of networking? The handshakes, the eye contact, the conversations which help tout your strengths to convince people what you’re made of? ONCE AGAIN, it’s all about throwing yourself into the fire and hoping for the best. Nobody ever expects an archetypal person to come up and woo them without flaw, and as soon as that fact becomes established, then that is when the key to success is truly achieved.

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When Life Gives You Lemons..


One thing we have always learned is that, “every problem has a solution.”

In the face of adversity, it’s tough to be convinced that there is always going to be a solution. Adversity is one of those things that we have to learn not to hold on to. It’s something that we should, by no means, dwell on. It may be scary, discouraging, brutal, and unforgiving but it’s also very minor.

Sometimes, you just lose the game. Sometimes, you just make mistakes. Sometimes, people just leave. Sometimes, you just miss the plane. Sometimes, you just fall short one dollar. Sometimes, you just can’t sleep. Sometimes, you screw up really bad. Would you like to know why? It’s because you’re human.

A very important way to make the most of a situation is by staying optimistic. It’s not only a much more attractive quality; but optimistic people are much more enjoyable to be around. Don’t be a complaint department. Nobody likes those.

It’s okay to vent every once in a while, but when your entire life becomes a negative array of events, it not only ruins your mood but everyone else’s as well. Wouldn’t you rather be annoyingly positive and optimistic then deviously negative and unpleasant? Negative people need to complain like they need oxygen. If you pay close attention you will notice that one of our greatest addictions, is talking about our problems. Teach your mind how to see the good in everything, you will benefit greatly from it. Our country is far from perfect; it’s full of hate, judgment and cruelty. In a world where we can be absolutely anything, be positive, be kind, and be happy.

Some people live their whole lives unhappy and never do a single thing to try and change it. This could also just be because they ignore it. They aren’t sure if what their feeling is unhappiness or simply just self doubt. It’s so important to not ignore it and to persevere toward a more positive, optimistic you. In my opinion, happiness is the most important feeling. Happiness is a mindset that takes certain people a very long time to achieve. It can be accomplished through positivity and surrounding yourself with people and activities that you love. There’s no better cure for sadness than a smile. Smiling is highly contagious so spread the happiness.

Life is full of lemon trees. Some big, some small, and some that ripen quicker than others. The fact of the matter is, that life does hand us some lemons every once in a while. It’s important to remember that every lemon decomposes, just like our problems.

Nothing’s permanent, even when we think it is. Life always goes on.

See you soon,
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Influencing: New Dream Job?


A new job is on the rise for millennials. If you spend any time scrolling on Instagram, then you know what I am talking about.

Instagram influencers are aspirational fashionistas, photographers, makeup artists, travelers, athletes, foodies and other experts in their field who collaborate with brands to reach and engage with consumers who spend hours a day on social media platforms. You may not even realize it, but these Instagrammers influence you to make purchasing decisions every day.

This sounds like a pretty nice gig, almost too good to be true. So I can just go about my daily life, posting pictures of whatever, and get paid for it? That’s not exactly how it works, though; your favorite Instagram influencer has a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.

According to Mashable, influencers on Instagram can earn from $100 to $11,006 for content they post in collaboration with a brand. Someone with over one million followers can expect to earn between $6,104 and $24,406 per post. Not too shabby for a little square picture! A lot of this also comes in the form of exchange, where the influencer might get free product if they post a certain number of pictures each month.

So is it time to start building a social media following?

Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA) helps brands connect with the world’s top influencers to develop and manage creative influencer marketing strategies to effectively spread out a brand’s story. This makes the product more tangible and real to the consumer.

A lot plays into how much a blogger or influencer gets paid. They need to have a strong relationship with their followers, be likeable and credible. This works because what we see on Instagram often reflects everyday life; the makeup, clothes and products that are frequently posted are not ads on TV — they are real people really using the products.

This shows that people are choosing to listen to each other over brands. We believe that influencers know what they are talking about; they have tight-knit communities and can reach many people. It at least feels more authentic when we are seeing the product being used by people we admire or trust.

The popularity of influencers has caused some backlash, especially in the fashion industry. Alessandra Codinha, a Vogue Fashion News Editor doesn’t believe that influencers will last: “I have to think that soon people will wise up to how particularly gross the whole practice of paid appearances and borrowed outfits looks.” She believes instead of celebrating actual style, the influencers today seem to be more concerned with getting followers rather than being a true fashion enthusiast.

When you think about how profit plays into being an Instagram influencer, is it really sincerity the Vogue team is worried about? Or competition?

For an influencer, being concerned about your followers isn’t vanity, it’s business. Reaching the Instagram community is a central marketing strategy because social currency is capital. Labels aren’t just looking for help reaching niche Instagram communities; they also want assistance creating effective marketing strategies. Corporate brands aren’t interfering with the Instagrammer’s creative process; they are merely using people already involved in the community to present their products in a very homegrown sort of way.

So if you are already doing something you love, why not try and make a little cash on the side?

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