Why Blog?


Whether you call yourself a blogger or a content creator; whatever you label yourself, there is one constantly remaining question. Who genuinely cares what you have to say? In this modern age, most people have access to a computer. That being said everyone has deemed themselves a writer or a performer of some sort; searching for celebrity or counting their opinion as one that should be valued more than the next guy sitting at his computer.

Blogging can be used as an online expressive journal, as a way to vent helpful information or as a “how-to” for onlookers. With so many creative ideas and so many outlets to express those ideas, who has time to read? As time goes on and technology enhances, true writers are losing appreciation.

In my experience I’m finding that no one (except those who blog for the love of writing) really wants to read blogs anymore. No one wants to read anymore. Kind of like how, “Video killed the radio star,” maybe vlogging killed the blogger? There are several different types of content creators. You have your podcasters, your vloggers and your bloggers. So many different types of creative content. With all that being said, maybe people are somewhat being overloaded with information and opinions. So just how likely is it for someone to sit down, open a blog and just read?

Naturally, bloggers are in constant tough competition with each other to have their blogs noticed and read. With so many distractions and so much information just a click away, are we blogging in vain? With all the additions to technology over the years, it makes the possibility of someone else seeing or reading your blog extremely rare. So not only are we competing for the best content but now we are also competing with the variety of outlets.

So like I said earlier, who really cares what you have to say? Many would venture to ask what qualifies you?

Blogging is a complicated and ever changing “sport” due to the fact that the audience and their views change with time. Like with everything in life, there are the people who blog with the intent to gain from it financially in some way and then there are those who do it for the love of writing. Making money in what you love to do is without a doubt the best of both worlds. If you don’t love what you do and you’re only in this for money, blogging can feel like an extra job and a lot of stress.

From one (beginner)writer to another, my suggestion to you is if you’re in this for money, save yourself the time and stress, and just get out. Writing because you love it, and because you have a strong interest and passion for what you have to say is much more fulfilling.

See you soon,


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