As Told By a Third-Wheel


I am a third-wheel. This sentence has become a common sequence of vowel and consonant sounds exiting my mouth, and it rolls off the tongue with an ease like my own name. Third-wheeling has become a sort of a hobby of mine; from formal dances to casual hangouts, I often find myself the loner of the group, standing alone in a crowd.

Don’t misunderstand me: I love being a third-wheel. You see, I spent a great deal of time on the other side of the equation while in high school, spending most of my time watching my friends be the third wheel to my own childish romances. But now, as I continue through the adventure of college life, I find myself riding the third-wheel train frequently. Just recently I joined a friend and her boyfriend for an adventurous night of the third-wheeler life, and I asked myself something. How many of us truly see the beauty of third-wheeling, and how many of us believe the lie that it is the worst feeling in the world? So many memes are dedicated to the sadness associated with not having a lover by your side. But can’t we recognize third-wheeling for the beauty it holds?

And yeah, it might be nice to have someone to share that with as well, but why ignore the moment you’re in just to imagine a different moment better saved for later? There will be plenty of time in the future to enjoy the presence of someone you love, so take the time to enjoy the now. Take pictures of your goofy friends ignoring you while sharing an ice cream sundae or wrestling on the living room floor. Trust me, they’ll love the captured moment when you show it to them later.

And don’t go scrolling through Facebook or Twitter just because it seems you have nothing better to do. If witnessing the magnificence of true love begins to bore you, take a look around your environment. Check out some wicked architecture, listen to the music playing above your head, count the amount of kids you see tugging on mom’s jeans. There is so much happening all around you, and this is your time to enjoy it. And who knows, maybe the person who will bring you out of the third-wheel zone will be sitting across from you at a bar, laughing at their own dorky friends wishing the same things you do. So take a moment to enjoy the life of a third-wheeler, because it won’t last forever.

See you soon,


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