OITNB is Back!


My inner OITNB fan girl internally screamed when Netflix released the latest trailer for season four of “Orange Is The New Black.” For those of you who have not yet binged OITNB, the story for the show is based off Piper Kerman’s 2011 memoir, “Orange Is The New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.”

OITNB is anything and everything. According to IMDB.com, the show centers around Piper Chapman, a thirty-something who is sentenced to 15 months in a prison after she’s convicted of a decade-old crime where she transported money for her drug-dealing girlfriend. Essentially the show in a nutshell is badass.

For my fellow OITNB binge-watchers, let’s recap what happened last season:

1. Bennett went MIA

Bennett and Daya were happy and about to have a baby when poof! Bennett went bye-bye after spending time with his beloved Daya’s crazy family. I know I was really rooting for Bennett and Daya to fall happily ever after. Damn you Bennett!

2. Nicky gets ahold of Vee’s stash

Nicky gets ahold of Vee’s heroin stash at the end of season two. With Nicky being a recovering addict, she decided she had to get the drugs out herself. She enlists corrections officer Luscheck, who ultimately throws her under the bus. (Bastard.)

3. Piper enlists the women of Litchfield to sell underwear to pervy old guys

Piper was assigned to making underwear for the Whispers lingerie company. She would gather unused material to make her own underwear and have the lovely women of Litchfield wear them around and then sell them online to creeps. (Ew.)

4. Black Cindy converts

After the prison food is replaced with mush, Black Cindy learns that if inmates are Jewish they can receive kosher meals. Black Cindy makes it her mission to convert to Judaism and actually “finds her people.”

5. Alex is back

That’s right. Pipers boo thang is back in Litchfield. Alex immediately believes someone is out to get her. At the end of season three she is cornered by one of the drug cartel members which makes us all feel a little on edge.

Now that we’re pretty much up to speed on what happened in season three of OITNB, what do we have to look forward to in season four? Well, you can imagine there will be more drama, romance, friendships and backstabbing.

The official trailer for season four teases us viewers that Piper doesn’t feel safe in Litchfield, Taystee now has a desk job as Mr. Caputo’s assistant, there will be new prisoners and there will be secrets, lies and deceit that will unfold this season when the ladies of Litchfield return June 17 on Netflix.


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