A ‘Grey’ Thursday? We’ll See.


For Grey’s Anatomy fans everywhere, it’s a big day. The season 12 finale premieres tonight. After experiencing emotional trauma that even Owen Hunt couldn’t salvage, we know to brace ourselves when a season comes to a close. With that in mind, here are a few hopes shared by Grey’s fanatics for this upcoming TGIT. Listen up Shonda Rhimes:


1. Cristina Returns

The landmark character loss that eternally changed the course of the show was Cristina’s departure. Meredith is struggling without her person. She needs Cristina there to give her pep talks, talk some sense into her decision making, and most importantly bring back the dance parties with tequila.


2. Arizona and Callie Get Back Together

Second to Mer-Der, these two were the ultimate power couple up until Shonda shattered our last hope at finding love. In the finale, fingers are crossed that these two realize how absurd this custody battle is, forgive each other, get remarried, and live happily ever after (until the next earth shattering tragedy at Grey Sloan Memorial).


3. Jo Says “JK!”

Last week, after Alex’s third proposal to long term girlfriend Jo, she gave him an answer, but it was the wrong one. Alex has been through almost as much emotional turbulence as Callie (which is a whole lot) and deserves a happy, lasting relationship. Jo needs to snap out of this BS and accept the proposal. If not, she probably has some terrible mental illness that inhibits her from seeing how sexy/caring/doctory Alex is.


4. April and Jackson Find Peace

I don’t care what form this comes in, but I can’t stand to watch them go through any more pain together. Remarry, raise the kid together, or never speak again, but please no more ups and downs. Although, I wouldn’t mind if they did decide to get back together, after all she did leave a guy at the alter for Jackson and that shouldn’t go to waste.


5. Meredith Wakes Up

I know Derek’s dead and we can’t really bring him back as that would defy the whole “science and medicine” thing. BUT, he can’t just lay in the ground and let Meredith go get it on with the next hot Doc in town. She needs to wake up, next to Derek, and shake off the bad dream that has been the last two years. PLEASE, SHONDA!


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