Let’s Get Moving


Classes are finally out (for some), all stress is gone, and being able to sleep in and not have a care in the world is the absolute best feeling. Summer break is only a few months long, and the time always flies by. I usually create a fun bucket list for the summer to ensure I make time for adventures.

Here are 20 things I plan to do, and everyone should try to do before summer is over:

Go to the Aquarium:

Getting to see all the different types of fish, sharks and all sorts of things there is definitely worth the trip and money.

Go to the Zoo:

Seeing all sorts of animals in their semi natural habit is a fun and eye opening opportunity, and a super fun trip for the summertime.

Go to a Baseball Game:

Doesn’t really have to be a baseball game, but get out and go somewhere to watch a sporting event! They’re always fun and entertaining. (Plus the food is always delicious – and bad for you)

Go Fishing:

Getting to go to a pond or river to try and catch some fish is rather relaxing and can be a fun trip with friends. Wear sunscreen, trust me.

Go to the Beach (or Lake):

Beach trips are essential for any summer break. Getting away from home, staying in a house or hotel and being able to relax for a week or so is so nice. Being able to hear the waves crash on the shore and lay in the sand is one of the best feelings

Eat lots of Seafood:

One of my favorite things about the summertime is being able to eat seafood, especially Rockefeller Oysters!

Sleep Under the Stars:

This doesn’t cost anything! Grab a friend, a few sleeping bags and enjoy nature for a night! Watch for unsuspecting animals though.

Go to an Amusement Park:

Going to any amusement park during summer break is always a must. Getting on as many rides as possible and getting you or your friends out of y’alls comfort zones is one of the biggest perks of going!

Go on a Picnic:

Pack a lunch, go to a park or a fun place and eat with some of your friends while enjoying time outdoors. Take your pets! They will love it just as much as you!

Go Kayaking:

This is really fun, and something a lot of people have never done. Head out to a near by lake and start your adventure.

Have a Bonfire:

The real reason to have a campfire is so you can roast marshmallows and make as many s’mores as possible.

Try every DQ Blizzard flavor:

What challenge could be better than trying to eat as many DQ blizzards as possible? I can’t think of anything.

Go to Church:

This is a free activity that just helps me personally feel good.

Get out and Run:

Maybe try for a 5k or just simple run here and there.

Go Biking:

As long as you have a bike, this is a great way to get some exercise at the same time as having a blast. Being able to bike somewhere that has different sightseeing opportunities is an amazing experience.


This a cheaper, fun activity to do to get out of the house and have some fun.

Help a Stranger:

Giving back and helping someone else is really rewarding not only for yourself but it benefits that stranger tremendously.

Go Hiking:

This is a cheap way to have an adventure and be able to experience the awesomeness of nature at the same time.

Learn Something New:

Whether it be learning how to play an instrument or a video game, expand your mind and see what you can accomplish!

Grow as a Person:

I think this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself this summer. Take time out to really discover who you are and what you want out of life. This will help you grow and start to figure out your future!


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