Let’s Do This

Finals. This is the most stressful time for any class. Along with worrying about papers, tests, presentations, projects and whatnot, we also have to worry about the grades that have been accumulating all semester. Sometimes it can come as a shock that you’re just not doing as well as you want to in one or more classes. While worrying about grades is super fun and all, there are more constructive and productive things to do this time of year.


  1. Attend and Participate in Class

In many classes, participation really does count. If you attend the rest of your classes–and really try to pay attention and participate (speak up in class, unless it’s a big lecture class where that’s not expected), it can make a huge positive bump in your grade.


  1. Talk to the Professor

Professors are the ones that will be giving grades–they’ll tell you exactly why you’re getting that B, C, D or F. Most of the time they will also be able to offer you extra credit or ways to make up for missed assignments and classes.


  1. Ask Questions

On the note of talking to your professor, another great thing to do is to ask questions. I usually start the given homework on the day that I get it (even in class that day, if I can manage it). That way I have plenty of time to ask questions and so I don’t spend hours struggling on something the professor could explain in two minutes.


  1. Reassess Time Commitments

While you’ve managed to get through a good chunk of the semester fulfilling time commitments, whatever they may be, it doesn’t mean that you’ve been handling them as well as you thought. Personally, my motivation for school went down last year so I decided to ask for fewer hours at work, which gave me more time to focus on school. Considering this is my last year, I figured I should enjoy learning in a college environment while I can! There’s always time to make money later in life. Maybe.


  1. Cut Down on Binging to Get More Sleep

Whether you’re a late night heavy drinker, heavy reader, or heavy Netflix binge-watcher, it’s probably taking a toll on both your sleep and homework needs. Take advantage of any early weeknights to stay caught up on sleep, this way you’ll have more focus during class and during study sessions. I have to actually set an end point in my shows so I’ll get to bed at a decent time instead of watching an entire season of Bob’s Burgers.


  1. Finish strong

With these tips, your grades will be looking fabulous by the time finals roll around. But that’s no reason to not focus on finals, really putting effort into final projects and other assignments will boost your grade even more and show your professor that you are dedicated to raising your grade! You can do it.




  1. rsmerk02 · May 13, 2016

    Reblogged this on Cards Eye View.


  2. rsmerk02 · May 13, 2016

    Reblogged this on Cards Eye View.


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