Netflix Life Hacks


If you’re as Netflix-obsessed as I am, then you need to step your game up with a few hacks to take your binge watching abilities to the next level. Become a Netflix expert with these SEVEN tips and make the most of your many useless hours spent on the couch.



1. Hide activity from your Netflix history

Maybe you promised your roommate you would wait to binge watch the rest of Grey’s Anatomy with them, and then had zero self control and watched them all anyway (no judgment). Or maybe you don’t really want the new person you’re seeing to know you watched Jackass 3D last weekend. What happens between you and Netflix should stay between you and Netflix. And now you can trust Netflix to hide all your secrets. Just go to, then, click ‘X’ to the right of anything you’d rather others not know about.


2. Unlock Hidden Genre Categories

We love that Netflix recommends titles to us, sometimes with alarming accuracy (*why yes Netflix I do want to watch an inappropriate comedy about..*). But sometimes you’re in the mood for something very very specific and the generic genres such as Horror, Comedy, or Documentary, don’t really fit the bill. Prepare to have your mind blown, because there are dozens of secret Netflix categories for you to peruse as long as you know the URL search codes, which can be Googled. Go to and type in your desired search code at the end of the URL.

m_72_extended_keyboard_pt 019

3. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Suppose you just want to watch Harry Potter without having to move your mouse, control your viewing by using shortcuts below:

  • Press M to mute
  • Hit F to go into fullscreen mode
  • ESC to exit fullscreen
  • Tap to spacebar to pause (for bathroom breaks, snack refills, snag a beer, etc.)
  • Shift+Left arrow – Rewind
  • Shift+Right arrow – Fast Forward
  • Up arrow – Volume Up
  • Down arrow – Volume Down


4. Set Data Usage Limits

Binge watching on-the-go killing your data? An hour of streaming Family Guy can use up to 3GB of precious data and kill your cell phone plan. Set limitations on how much data Netflix can use but going to Your Account → My Profile → Playback Settings. Then select the level of data usage you want from low to high 3GB of binging an hour.


5. Watch in HD

The same settings above (Your Account → My Profile → Playback Settings) will also allow you to stream in HD. But obviously HD is a data suck, so make sure you are watching while on Wi-Fi.


6. Stop Buffering

Buffering is the worst. Nothing is more rage inducing than buffering during your me time. Use this secret menu to reduce buffering playback. To access the menu, hit: Shift+Alt+Left Click (Shift+Option+Click on a Mac). Then select stream manager and match the playback and buffering.


7. Change the Subtitle Font

So say you’re like super fancy and watch a ton of foreign films: If your eyes hurt from reading lines of yellow text on subtitles, you can customize how subtitles appear from the color, font type and background.  Go to to Your Account → My Profile → Subtitle appearances.



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