Returning to Class After Derby Week 101


Goodbye obnoxiously large hats, goodbye bottomless mimosas, Mint Juleps & Oaks Lillies, goodbye $2 bets and beautiful horses.

Staying motivated the first few days after the craziness that is the Kentucky Derby can be a daunting task for those of us that celebrate accordingly. You’re so not ready for summer classes right now, you’re hoping people notice your new tan and you’re officially counting down the weeks until summer really starts. I feel ya. Here are FOUR tips to help you hold it all together and make it through to (actual) summer freedom:

b1.21. Sleep:

It’s needed not only to keep you alert, alive, and rejuvenated, but it also keeps your mind sharp for that 9am class you have Monday morning. So, do you and your professors a favor and sleep as much as you can outside of class and not in it.


2. Be Prepared:

Drink coffee, eat breakfast, and print your syllabi out. Nothing is worse than being cranky, hungover, and angry all wrapped into a little awful burrito after the exciting weekend you had.


3. Make a List:

As I know all too well, summer classes are a sprint and NOT a marathon like a normal semester. Dig the syllabi out of your backpack and figure out what upcoming assignments are due in the coming weeks. Get your ducks in a row by jotting down tasks that need to get done between now and the end of the term. Trust me: you will thank yourself later.


 4. Treat Yourself:

If you stay focused, work hard, and prioritize your life, returning to school just after the wildest time in Kentucky will be a breeze. When it is all said and done, go to the nearest El Nopal and have yourself a margarita because you my friend DESERVE it! Knowing there is an added bonus as a reward may help you find the extra push you needed to get through it all.


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